You can easily offer the Tiramizoo delivery service to your customers, within your current e-commerce platform. Either download and install our OXID plugin or do a custom integration by programming against the public REST/JSON API. The API is “eat your own dogfood” style - tiramizoo uses it internally for the “book a courier” website, administration and plugins, so you can count that it is well maintained.

For a detailed overview on how the workflow with looks like, please go to our website.

For testing purposes use the sandbox. It’s a full copy of the production environment except no delivery you trigger there is dispatched to our couriers.

The API uses the HTTP protocol for communication and JSON for serialization of request and response bodies. All URLs start with SSL is mandatory.

Any programming language used in a web development context will usually feature libraries for conveniently accessing a restful JSON web service - so do PHP, Ruby, Java, .Net and Python to name only a few. Integrating restful JSON services usually is also much faster and easier than working with SOAP and other XML based or stateful services.

If you encounter a problem when using the API, please let us know.

API Tokens

For accessing the API - either via a plugin or via the API directly - you will need an API token.

The API token on the sandbox and production systems is different - you will need to register separate accounts on both systems.

Please register a test account at with username and password. The API token can be found via Profile / Edit profile when logged in.

When ready with the integration please register an account on our production system at

To simplify integration, in some examples the test user’s API token is used.


All API urls have to be prefixed with the API version, e.g. /v1/orders.


Some API calls require authentication with an API token. We accept API tokens as a URL param named api_token. You must keep the API token secret. You can always request a new API token. In case of providing a wrong token, an 401 Unauthorized response will be returned.

Making Requests

The following examples use the curl shell command and is rendered as a single copy-pastable line with a multiline representation for easy reading.

A minimal POST request to the quotes resource which doesn’t require authentication:

curl -v -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{
  "pickup_postal_code": "14195",
  "delivery_postal_code": "12437"
}' ""
Try it
curl -v -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"pickup_postal_code":"14195","delivery_postal_code":"12437"}' ""

Airbrake support

Additionaly you can provide your AIRBRAKE_API_KEY (More about Airbrake ) on and in a case a web hook notification fails we will send you an error notification to your airbrake account